Welcome to the Seeing Hands Project

Seeing Hands Nepal is a UK Registered Charity, set up to provide training and employment opportunities in massage therapy for young blind people in Nepal.

Based in Kathmandu & Pokhara, Seeing Hands operates as a non-profit-making social enterprise in Nepal. Blind massage therapists are trained by a team of volunteer tutors, and when they qualify, work in the Seeing Hands massage clinics. Part of the fees they earn are used to fund the training and employment of more blind masseurs, and in this way, the initiative has a long-term sustainable future.

Reasons Why

  • In Nepal, at least 600,000 people are either partially or totally blind. They face a desperate future, with limited or no opportunities for education or work.

  • Society marginalizes and neglects them because of traditional beliefs that blindness is a curse or penance for sins in a previous life. Some people even think blindness is contagious.

  • In other countries in Asia, blind people have worked as masseurs for centuries, but the profession has never been established in Nepal before now.

  • Blind people are particularly suited to becoming masseurs because they often have heightened senses of touch and perception.

  • There is a strong demand for professional massage services in tourist areas, where many popular Himalayan trekking routes start and finish.

The Seeing Hands team is working to create a unique opportunity for the blind in Nepal - one that capitalizes upon their inherent skills and offers them real prospects for work at the end of their training.

Please help us to achieve our aims.

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